All Natural Craft Hot Sauces


Oh mama
Hot… just doesn’t seem to be a strong enough word for Oh mama. A delightfully spiced citrus sauce with a massive kick. It just seems to go with everything. A great wing sauce, but equally wonderful on all meats and fish. We even like it for breakfast. Go ahead, enjoy if you dare. But be careful…


Oh boy 
…That’s what we call it but for the record, Oh boy leans to the hot side. A habanero infused, spiced citrus sauce that you’ll want to put on everything. Get creative and enjoy the kick. A great wing sauce, excellent on burgers, fish etc… we even know folks who use it as a salad dressing? Whatever.



Oh wow
Medium…We think you’ll find this to be a good description for Oh wow. The smokey taste of the chipotle pepper is unmistakable. With just the right spices and a citrus base, this sauce is sure to be a favorite for all occasions. Use it with wings, burgers, fish or anything else. Great for dipping too.




Oh my
Mild… At least we think so, our Oh my sauce is spiced up with a generous amount of jalapeno peppers to give it just the right kick for those who like it on the milder side but still like the great flavor of the jalapeno. Great with all meats and fish. Use it with wings, burgers, fish or anything else. Great for dipping too.




Variety Pack
The best way to try all four of our current sauces. You’ll love them all and you’ll have something on hand for everyone’s taste and heat tolerance, from the hottest, Oh mama, to most gentle we offer, Oh my and everything in between.






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